The story of our rug begins from the wool brought across the Tibet where the nomadic herders have been grazing their sheep for centuries at high altitude with deep blue sky where one can hear the peaceful sounds of chanting mantra and feel smells of incense. Tibetan sheep grazed in this altitude is considered as the best in the world with high lustrous, good strength and long hair.

The wool is beginning but most important part of the story in making the rugs. Skilled people from high Himalayan to the village of Nepal are engaged in the process of cleaning of wool, carding, spinning of yarns, dyeing, and weaving. Some of men and women works from their own home while looking after their children and home works.

Tibetan refugees who were forced to flee leaving their homeland with barefoot over the snow covered mountain in 1959 when the Chinese fired on civilians mostly started weaving rugs in Nepal. They are the pioneer in commercializing of production of rugs in Nepalimg_4704

We are proud to preserve the thousands of old wonderful skills of human civilizations while considering the environment. Nepal is the only country in the world into which Tibetan fleeces can be imported. If any rugs maker apart from Tibetan and Nepalese manufacturer claim that their rugs are made using Himalayan wool is absolutely false.

‘Decorative rugs’ is a member of GoodWeave, which works to ensure that there is no child labor used in the process.

GoodWeave frequently inspects the production facility without pre-notice to check the looms. It also provides an education for children of weavers who otherwise might not have the opportunity to go to school.

A blend of modern designs and old age traditional skill of weaving makes our rugs a wonderful product that last its beauty for decades.IMG_7281

We would be glad to work together in any projects of Interior designers and architects in making rugs for their clients.  We can help you experiment with colors, wool types, and design motifs by making samples at very nominal deposits.

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